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Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis

Zonta Club & Rusnak STEM Scholarships

For the 2019-2020 academic year at OSU

Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis is accepting applications for the Rusnak STEM Scholarship and several Zonta Club STEM scholarships. These scholarships are earmarked for female students of junior or senior standing who are committed to a career in science, technology, engineering or math. They offer $1000 per term for 3 terms to help cover tuition, fees, books, and supplies that are charged to the recipient's account at OSU.



Applicants for the Rusnak and Zonta Club STEM scholarships must meet the following qualifications:


  1. Be committed to a career in science, technology, engineering, or math. First consideration will be given to a woman entering a field or profession where women are underrepresented. (Students in Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports Science, New Media Communications, Human Development & Family Sciences, Nursing, Geography, Pharmacy or Public Health are not eligible.)

  2. Have junior or senior standing entering 2019 Fall Term and a minimum B- average in prerequisite and/or major courses. If applicant has sophomore status at time of application, a list of 2019 Spring term coursework must be included with the application. LBCC students who are transferring to OSU in the fall of 2019 with junior or senior standing and meet other qualification criteria are eligible to apply. 

  3. Be interested in improving the lives of others and/or serving as a role model for other women. Students with volunteer or work experiences that demonstrate this interest will be given preference.

  4. Be living in Oregon and currently enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits at OSU or LBCC. Preference will be given to applicants demonstrating financial need. 




Maximum length: one page; minimum font: 11 pt.

In the essay, applicants for the Rusnak and Zonta Club STEM Scholarships should provide a brief summary of their background and how they came to choose their study major. Career goals, career opportunities in their field of study, and the responsibilities their career may require should also be described. In addition, applicants should indicate how they propose to improve the lives of others and/or serve as a role model for other women.



An unofficial, full transcript of all completed academic college or university work must be submitted with the application.  Winter term 2019 grades must be included. A photocopy of an official transcript issued by the college or university is acceptable.  A list of courses and grades prepared by the applicant is not acceptable. 


PLEASE NOTE: Full applications will include four completed items: 1) Scholarship Application Form that includes 1) Financial Needs Statement, 2) Essay, 3) Full unofficial transcript of all college level work, and 4) Signed Application Checklist.


Applications must be submitted by email  to by April 6, 2019.  See Page 4 for complete instructions for submission.  Incomplete applications or applications that do not conform to all instructions will not be considered for scholarships. Unused scholarship funds will not be released to scholarship recipients and will be returned to the Zonta Service Foundation.

2019-2020 Rusnak & Zonta Corvallis STEM Scholarships Application

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