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2023 Zonta Rose Day Nominations


Grant Recipient Nominations

These nominees are individuals the 2022 Grant Recipient agencies have nominated who have gone the extra mile to be of service to their agencies:


Room at the Inn:

The agency nominated the following three women, who they say are the critical forces that “keep the place going”

            Nohe Kahalewai

            Cydney Dumancas

            Tatiana Leon


Old Mill Center:

Old Mill Director Betinna Schempf nominated the following two volunteers:

            Jessica Nebeker,

“Jessica is a High School student who has volunteered with us since November 2021. She comes in weekly and has also done additional hours during our auction preparation in 2022.

Her supervisor says:

‘Jessica goes above and beyond to assist our Development Team and always with a can-do attitude. She assists our team with administrative tasks, organization, obituary searches to ensure we are up to date with our donor records, and numerous other tasks. As a Senior in High School, she embodies community over self and is always willing to lend a hand with a smile on her face.’

Jessica has also helped with childcare during parenting classes in a paid capacity.”  

Cindy Cole,

“Cindy has volunteered in many capacities since she retired from her role as Program Manager of the Healthy Families program in August 2019.

  • Cindy is a volunteer member of the Healthy Families Advisory board that provides community input for program development and accountability.

  • Cindy also maintains our resource closet for families. She is on site every Friday to sort through donated clothing and other items, prepares them for display, sorts out items that get donated to the Altrusa Womens’ Wardrobe, Vina Moses or other places instead and maintains a ‘free table’ in our lobby with other surplus items.

  • For the last three years Cindy has also managed our ‘Season of Giving’ Holiday giving project that serves 300-400 children each year with giftcards, clothing, toys and books. The project starts in September when staff make referrals, includes purchasing of items and the collation of packages for each child/family with the help of other volunteers and staff in November before the packages got delivered to families or picked up. Cindy would also write a summary report for the project and manage feedback for the next year.

Cindy’s volunteer support is much valued, and we love her presence on site.”    


Vina Moses

Vina Moses Director Ilene McClleland has requested that her entire volunteer team be recognized:

“Our volunteer team is amazing - we have 30+ volunteers who are vital to our everyday operations - and I can't single out just 2-3 people who go the extra mile. I even talked it over with our Volunteer Coordinator, Dazie, and she can't narrow it down, either. Would Zonta be willing to send one rose to Vina Moses Center's entire volunteer team on March 8?”

We will be recognizing this team with a bouquet delivered to the Vina Moses Center.

Grace Center

Volunteer Coordinator Briana Hendricks nominated the following two individuals, who she says “go above and beyond at Grace Center and both excel at providing one-on-one companionship to our participants.”

            Vicki Wilderman

            Margo Lyons


Benton County Girl Scouts

          Cynthia Leonard, Service Unit Communications

          Sally Robertson, Service Team Member; Girl Experience Manager and Council Trainer

          Trish Hendrickson, Service Unit Product Manager 

          Bobbi Conard, Benton County Day Camp Director


ABC House

            Stacy Mellem – Supporter/Volunteer

            Stephanie Martinenko-Ray – past ABC House Board President



            Briana Lark, DEI Coordinator, who is “revamping all of CARDV procedures and employee handbook information to make sure we are inclusive.”


Scholarship Recipient Nominations

These nominees are individuals who have been particularly helpful and instrumental in distributing information to students about the Zonta Scholarships and encouraging students to apply:


Linnea Everts

LBCC Development Officer


Skye Wheeler


Outside Scholarships/Accounting Services


Denise Fox

Outside Scholarships/Office of Business Affairs

Oregon State University


Willie Effering

Military and Veterans Resources Advisor

Oregon State University


Nicole Hindes

Director, Basic Needs Center


Veronic Royce

Assistant Director of Advancement, Donor Relations

OSU College of Business


Staci Simonich

Dean, College of Agriculture

Oregon State University

Zonta Rose Day

The first Rose Day of the Zonta Club of Corvallis was on International Women's Day, March 8, 1999, as a way of honoring members in our community who make a difference. Each year, the Corvallis Zonta Club recognizes individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution in the efforts to empower women or to provide leadership in addressing community social issues.  Those selected are given a rose in celebration of their work.


The Service Committee organizes our Rose Day event. It selects a theme each year, accepts nominations from club members for the yellow roses, orders them, prepares them for delivery, and coordinates the deliveries.  Each rose and bouquet includes a card thanking the individual or organization for its achievements :  “On this International Women’s Day, the Zonta Club of Corvallis thanks you for …” Members volunteer to hand deliver the roses throughout Benton and Linn Counties.

For Rose Day 2023 the Zonta Club of Corvallis is recognizing Advocates and Leaders in Building a Better World for Women and Girls through Education and Service.

Zonta Members prepare roses for Rose Day

Members of the Zonta Club of Corvallis prepare yellow roses for Rose Day


Previous Zonta Club of Corvallis Rose Day themes listed by year:

2021: Recognizing Individuals and Organizations that Provide Assistance for those Experiencing Hunger and Food Insecurity

2020: Recognizing Advocates and Leaders in Mental Health for Women and Children.

2019:  Ending Homelessness:  Recognizing Those Individuals and Organizations That Work Toward Reducing and Ultimately Ending Homelessness

2018:  Those who address challenges and create opportunities in achieving gender equality and the improvement of women and girls.

2017:  Empower and Celebrate Racial and Cultural Diversity

2016:  Interaction Therapies Through Music, Art, and Animal-Assisted Recoveries and Care

2015:  Youth Mental Health Services

2014:  Elder Abuse

2013:  Homelessness

2012:  Hunger

2011:  Human Trafficking

2010:  Women’s Health Care

2009:  Helping Women Who Are Returning to School

2008:  Promoting Women’s Leadership

2007:  Volunteers who Work to Improve Housing for Area Residents

2006:  Volunteers Against Substance Abuse

2005:  Volunteers Working to Reduce Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

2004:  Hunger in Benton County

2003:  Those Who Volunteer With People with Special Needs and Developmental Disabilities

2002:  Volunteers for International Activities in Our Community and Around the World

2001:  Recognizing the Difference You Make in the Lives of the Children You Touch


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