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Join Zonta Club of Corvallis

How to Join Zonta

The best way to become a member of Zonta is to get in contact with a current Zonta member and ask them about Zonta, and let them know you would be interested in attending a meeting. If you don’t know a local Zontian, please contact us, and our membership chair will get in touch with you to make an introduction.
Or, complete the following information and email it to You will be contacted by our local Zonta club.


Steps Toward Zonta Membership

Individuals joining Zonta (both Women and Men) are encouraged to attend at least one luncheon business meeting, and an evening program meeting. See meeting times below for information. Participation in a Zonta event, such as our annual Auction or Fair Parking, is a great way to get to know our members and our activities. After the first or second meeting attended, the sponsoring member will coordinate with the membership committee to offer a formal invitation to apply for membership. An application needs to be completed, and the membership committee will review qualifications and eligibility of the new member. Upon approval by the board, new members will be invited to join the club.


Responsibilities of Zonta Club of Corvallis Members

Being a Zontian has many benefits including the intrinsic rewards of service, enjoyment of great fellowship and advantages of strong mentoring, networking and support. The responsibilities of Zonta members include regular attendance at monthly meetings, participation on one of the active sub-committees of the club, participation in both of our annual fund raisers, the Zonta Auction and Fair Parking, and regular payment of annual dues. In addition to these responsibilities, there are many other service and social opportunities in the club.

Zonta Events Range from Monthly Luncheon Meetings to Celebrations of Key Events and More......

Zonta members meet monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of the month. These business meetings, held at the Clubhouse at Adair Village at noon, last about an hour. We also hold evening meetings where we go in-depth about a subject of interest related to our mission. If you would like to attend a Zonta meeting to find out more about what we do, please ask any member of Zonta or contact us.


Business Meetings: Held monthly on the first Tuesday of each month, 11:45am, The Clubhouse at Adair, Valley Catering, Adair Village.


Board Meetings: Held monthly on the Tuesday evening prior to the monthly Business Meetings, 5:30 p.m., Corvallis Country Club.


Evening Meetings: Held three times a year on the third Tuesday of a selected month (usually January, April and October), 5:30 p.m., The Clubhouse at Adair Village

Installation of Officers and New Members: Held in May at The Clubhouse at Adair Village.


Social Events


Among the duties of the Attendance and Fellowship Committee is the coordination of social events to help connect the club members outside of club service or business activities. They get to be in charge of fun! Activities range from Socials to Evening Meetings, from the Monroe Munchers to the Downtown Diners.


Downtown Diners

Downtown Diners is our evening dinner group. It’s a fun way to become better acquainted with fellow Zontians outside of the normal meetings. It does not meet every month and location is different each time, allowing us to explore the many great eateries of Downtown Corvallis. This dinner requires an RSVP to make sure we have reservations for all who want to join in the fun. so that a reservation can be made.

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