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For administrative purposes, ZI divides the world into Districts, each under the supervision of an elected Governor and elected board members that include the Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, and Area Directors. Area directors are elected each biennium, and report to the District Governor.  The Governor appoints a Secretary for the Board who is a non-voting member. The Governor and Board members set goals and develop long-range planning for the District. A District must have at least 150 members.


The Zonta Club of Corvallis is under District 8. District 8 is divided into four areas: Area 1 is Idaho and Eastern Oregon; Area 2 is Western Washington south of Everett, Eastern Washington, and Alaska; Area 4 is Western Oregon; and Area 5 is Northwestern Washington and British Columbia.


The following are a list of District 8 Clubs




  • Centralia - Chehalis

  • Everett

  • Olympia

  • South Puget Sound

  • Yakima Valley



  • Blackfoot

  • Pocatello



  • Anchorage



  • Nanaimo, BC

  • Victoria, BC



  • Coos Bay

  • Corvallis

  • Grants Pass

  • Roseburg

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