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The Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis

2019-2020 Grateful Nation Scholarship

Available for a Currently Enrolled OSU-Corvallis Student

Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis is accepting applications for its Grateful Nation Scholarship.  This scholarship offers $3,000 per year, $1,000 per quarter to help cover tuition, fees, books, and supplies charged to a recipient’s account at Oregon State University-Corvallis.


The Grateful Nation Scholarship will be awarded to a female OSU undergraduate or graduate student (or a Degree Partnership undergraduate) who has served in one of the armed branches of the U.S. military since September 10, 2001, and has received an honorable or general under honorable discharge from the service; has completed at least 18 semester hours or 27 quarter hours of academic courses at an accredited institution; and who has a minimum GPA of 2.50.




  1. Member of a unit that deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or was sent individually to Iraq or Afghanistan, and was awarded one of the following medals:

  • Prior to April 30, 2005, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

  • After May 1, 2005, the Iraq Campaign Medal or the Afghanistan Campaign Medal

  • If an Air Force veteran who was not awarded one of the two above medals, has orders showing TDY (temporary duty assignment) to an assignment in Iraq or Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)

  1. Rated by the Veterans Administration to have a service-connected disability rating of 10 percent or greater.

  2. Honorable completed initial service contract.

  3. An un-remarried spouse of a soldier who died while on Active Duty since September 10, 2001.


  1. Special consideration will be given to a veteran who meets the above mentioned qualifications and has been awarded one of the following citations:

Purple Heart

Commendation Medal with V device

Bronze Star with V device

Silver Star

Combat Action Badge

Combat Medics Badge


All medals and time in service will be verified by a DD214 or a DD215.

Selected recipients must be enrolled and attend classes at the OSU campus, and be full time (minimum of 12 credits for undergraduates and 9 credits for graduate students) either solely at OSU, or in combination with OSU and community college partners.



Full Academic Transcript showing all college level work.  A scanned photocopy is acceptable.  An unofficial transcript may be used but must be a full transcript. A list of courses and grades prepared by applicant is not acceptable.

Applicants must submit a full transcript from all colleges and universities attended and the current transcript must include grades from winter term 2019.



Full applications will include FIVE completed items: 1) A Scholarship Application Form, 2) Personal Statement 3) All DOD documentation, 4) Full transcript of all college or university level work, and 5) A Signed Application Checklist


Your full application must be emailed by April 6, 2019. See page 3 for complete instructions and addresses.

  • Incomplete applications or applications that do not conform to all instructions will not be considered.

  • Unused scholarship funds will not be released to scholarship recipients but will be returned to the Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis Oregon.

2019-2020 Grateful Nation Scholarship Application

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