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Grateful Nation Scholarship Winner - Nicole Durfee

Nicole Durfee has been awarded a $3000 Grateful Nation scholarship from the Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis.  The scholarship honors an OSU female veteran based upon her military experience, as well as her academic and career goals.  Ms. Durfee is a Ph.D. candidate in Water Resource Science at Oregon State University. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and received a second bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from OSU.


Nicole Durfee joined the US Marine Corps in 2004, with the goal of serving her country as a Marine officer.  She underwent a six-month course designed for new officers to develop a variety of skills ranging from small-unit leadership, land navigation, and tactics. After completing naval aviator flight school, she became a CH-53E helicopter pilot and was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. In addition to her responsibilities as an aviator, she served as an adjutant and administrative officer for the squadron. In 2011 she changed from aviation to ground supply. In this capacity she led a detachment of approximately 150 Marines while overseeing the management of approximately $120 million in assets. Since leaving active duty in 2014, she has remained in the Reserves and held a variety of roles, such as serving as a logistical liaison to the Republic of Korea Marines.


Nicole Durfee is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Water Resource Science.  Her studies concentrate on the impacts of land use practices on ecosystems and water quality and quantity. In particular, much of her research focuses on the use of small, inexpensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for ecological monitoring and the protection of our natural water resources.


The Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis is proud to honor Nicole Durfee with the Grateful Nation Scholarship, recognizing her contributions as a U. S. Marine officer and her current academic work.  The Zonta Club of Corvallis, an affiliate of Zonta International, is an organization of professionals dedicated to working together to empower women worldwide through service and advocacy.

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